Alison Abreu-Garcia, github


Director of Engineering ⚖️ American Civil Liberties Union

Supporting a team of web engineers in the fight for civil liberties.


Principal Tech Lead ⚖️ American Civil Liberties Union

Building digital tools that support the fight for civil liberties.

Senior Web Developer  Linked by Air

Building websites for museums, universities, and more.

Guest Speaker 🗣 various places

Talks and panels at: SVA Groundfloor Incubator, NYU, Vassar College, and Museum Computer Network Conference.

Senior Manager of Digital Technologies 🎨 Whitney Museum of American Art

5 years of building, connecting, and maintaining digital systems.

Founding Member 🌈 QUILTBAG++ tech

2 years of organizing events about technology for queer and trans people.

Volunteer Coder 📆

A calendar for aggregating actions against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Part-time Lecturer 🍎 Parsons School of Design

2 semesters of teaching about how to use code as an expressive medium.

Web Developer 🌸 Brooklyn Botanic Garden

3 years of part-time responsive flower photos.

Freelance Web Developer 🎥 Film Society at Lincoln Center

2 annual film festival schedules, and 1 online publication.

Freelance Webmaster 💪 Anita Borg Institute for Women in Tech

4 years of supporting the websites that bring women in tech together.

Freelance Web Developer 💻 the internet

5 years of coding for cartoonists, math teachers, musicians, chefs, and sanitation companies.

Part-time Program Presenter 👾 Boston Museum of Science

6 months of getting humans to talk to robots.

BA in Computer Science 💭 Vassar College

4 years of making art in programming classes and making programs in art classes.

Youth 🌴 Miami, FL

18 years of humidity and Cuban food.